The Spirit of the Timuquans

Menendez landed at what has become St. Augustine, he was met by the Native Americans that had been here for at least 3,000 years at that time. They had their own culture and beliefs, and the Spaniards were the Read more

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Ghosts – Where to start?

Have you ever agreed to a project or task, looked forward to it with excitement about what it could be, and then fizzle, sizzle, pop, crackle, “Oh God, Where do I start?”…Welcome to my world! The Boss lady, Diane Read more

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A Forced Hand at the Tolomato

This past Monday evening, 10JUN2019, we had an interesting experience at the Tolomato Cemetery. As we were gathered around the front gate, hearing stories of James P. Morgan (died in 1877, mentioned in earlier blog posts) and Native American Read more

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Gearing Up for a Great Night

I just received word that my Ghost tour is SOLD OUT for tonight. It is always so exciting hearing a big crowd will be there. Not only do I feed off of the energy of a large group, but Read more

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Thank You to all of our FANS

We really do not like to boast, but we were notified this morning that we have been awarded or 5th Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor, based on reviews by our customers.

We are so proud of all of Read more

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