Jim as he prefers to be called, is one of the Facilitators for the A Paranormal Encounter portion of A Ghostly Encounter.

Jim’s interest in paranormal came from his childhood. At age 10, he and his family moved to St. Augustine FL. , where in fact, the first house his parents purchased was haunted. While not overly sensitive to spirits as a “medium” might be,  Jim shares he is an empath, sensing feelings and emotions around him. He chalks this up to the training early in his law enforcement career with the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office as a hostage negotiator.

Jim’s background is multifaceted with experience in Construction, Energy Savings Installations, Photography, and Law Enforcement. His hobby’s are varied but he loves Offshore Fishing and Traveling the most. Married to his wife Vicky, for over 40 years he has 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and just recently welcomed his first great granddaughter.

Jim has worked at A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER since 2012 as a Ghost Tour guide.

He say his goal for the Paranormal Encounter is to provide guests with the best possible environment and tools to possibly make that connection to the other side.