Jan Rapp

Jan Rapp’s passion for the spiritual world began when her husband took her on vacation to Gettysburg, PA.

While there, they chose to tour a historical site that was renowned for its spirits and paranormal activity. She started the tour a total skeptic, but emerged with a brand new opinion concerning the afterlife and those that have passed, yet remain among us.

Jan was an annual tourist to Saint Augustine before becoming a permanent resident. Jan says “I’d done my share of “ghost tours” here in our Nation’s Oldest City.

Although the facts were fascinating and the stories consistent, I never felt drawn into the experience and I balked at the opportunity to be a ghost tour guide.

However, after spending time with each guide At A Ghostly Encounter and watching them not only spin the tales, but draw each guest into the event, I knew this opportunity is one I couldn’t resist.
Months of study, preparation, and continuing education are spent to ensure that each tour member receives the experience they deserve and the chance for a true A GHOSTLY ENCOUNTER.