Morganne Pratten

As one of the original ghost hosts and the “face” our signage, Morganne is basically a true local celebrity! She loves giving ghost tours and has been doing so since she was in high school! She has worked with paranormal investigation teams as well as Ripley's Ghost Train, plus Ghosts and Gravestones. She truly loves her job and continues to be amazed at paranormal phenomena.

Morganne has had many personal experiences with the paranormal and loves to share them with her guests.

Being a mother of three boys, three years and under, there isn't much that can scare this Mama.
However, she will be the first to tell you she absolutely believes in spirit and agrees we can communicate with them. "I love seeing the guests' face when you tell them you believe they have actually witnessed something paranormal. Well, I think I would anyway, most of the time I've already made it a block away with my skirts kicked up and my feet in full gear." Morganne wishes all her guests a "happy haunting" and hopes to see you on her next tour!