Demons and Ghosts

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Today we are going to talk about the difference between demons and ghosts and what are the signs to tell them apart. So first and foremost, the defining difference between them is that a demon is an entity that previously was not living while a ghost is a human/living spirit. Not all Ghosts are good spirits. The tragic truth is there are some truly evil people in the world and when they die sometimes that evil stays with their soul. Demons, on the other hand- it really depends on your own beliefs, but in the paranormal world research shows demons as harmful entities. Certain cultures, such as the ancient Greeks, believed that demons could be both good and evil. According to several sources, Socrates, Ancient Greek philosopher, was believed by many to be protected by good demons.

Whether you have a ghost or a demon haunting your home, your house will have an unsettling feeling to it. For ghosts, that unsettling feeling may come and go. This is because the ghost is pulling energy from wherever it can and you are feeling the change of electricity in the air. This is something very difficult for ghosts to do as they do not have unlimited energy. They are organic energy. Ghosts will also come in two forms other intelligent or unintelligent. Intelligent meaning they are aware of their actions and of their death, unintelligent meaning the latter.

Demons are intelligent beings that will change the energy of the home until that are removed from the house. Sometimes this is easy to do and sometimes it is very difficult and draining on a family. We are not sure where demons come from or why they are able to walk the earth preying off of humans, although different religious groups have their theories. The first difference you’ll notice with a demonic possession of a house is the faint smell of rotten meat. Animals will notice these demonic entities more as they stalk and prey on your energy fields. If any demon begins preying physically on a person(s)- immediate action is to be taken.

Stay tuned for how to protect yourself from a spirit (ghosts and demons)

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-Renee Riso
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