Dowsing Rods and Paranormal Investigations

(This week are are featuring a blog post by Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter out of Lexington, KY and owner of Ghost Chasers International. Her website is


What Is Dowsing?

Dowsing is the ability of Read more

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Slow Down. Open Your Mind.

As we begin a new month (October) that tends to focus on spirits past and present, just what is it that makes St. Augustine so haunted? Is it the miracle water from the Fountain of Youth? The climate? Are Read more

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Spanish Beliefs

I thought this week it may be interesting to see what some of the beliefs of the Spanish were when they arrived here in the land they named St. Augustine in 1565.

    #1. The House of Seven Chimneys Read more

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The Spirit of the Timuquans

Menendez landed at what has become St. Augustine, he was met by the Native Americans that had been here for at least 3,000 years at that time. They had their own culture and beliefs, and the Spaniards were the Read more

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Ghosts – Where to start?

Have you ever agreed to a project or task, looked forward to it with excitement about what it could be, and then fizzle, sizzle, pop, crackle, “Oh God, Where do I start?”…Welcome to my world! The Boss lady, Diane Read more

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