Gearing Up for a Great Night

I just received word that my Ghost tour is SOLD OUT for tonight. It is always so exciting hearing a big crowd will be there. Not only do I feed off of the energy of a large group, but the spirits seem to as well.

I recall a night a few years ago, we were working in the Spanish Military Hospital Museum on a very busy night. The spirits in the building must’ve used this energy to manifest because we literally did not go ONE tour without something happening. Doors slamming, EMF readings, EVPs, you name it- it happened that night.

I always get excited and anxious (in a good way) before my tours. Will something happen tonight? What kind of evidence will we find? Stay tuned for details AFTER my tour tonight at 8:30pm. Or, if you’re in town, come on our tour and see it for yourself!

As for the people coming on my tour tonight, if you’re reading this, you better be ready, because I know I am!

Happy Hauntings!


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